Municipal Assessor
Mrs. A.A.W.N. Adikari

MRICS (UK), M.Sc. (Valuation)

D.I.V.F.I.V. Chartered Valuer

  • 011-2695919
  • 011-2676309

Municipal Assessor

  • Town Hall
  • (011) 2695919, 691191 Ext. 400
  • (011) 2505952
  • (011) 2685388, (011) 2691191 Ext. 412

This department is responsible for assessing all Private, Government and Statutory Corporation Properties for the purpose of levying rates, the main source of income for the Council.

The department also values properties for compensation purposes, when they are acquired by the Council for public purposes under the Land Acquisition Act or for private treaty negotiations. In addition this department values properties for Long term and Short term leases. Estimates are prepared for allocation of Funds for future acquisitions, rentals etc., The Municipal Assessor provides professional advice in respect of all the Council properties, whenever the need arises.

You may contact the Municipal Assessor who will help and guide you in respect of any query with regard to+ rates and taxes.

The Rate payers have the right to object to their assessments if considered unfair, within a stipulated time frame. Please contact the Municipal Assessor for the matters to be investigated.

Special Notes

Conditions and instructions for the Payment of Assessment Rates.

01. Objections to Assessments.

If you are aggrieved by this assessment you may lodge your objections at Municipal office WITHIN ONE MONTH FROM THE DATE of SERVICE of THE STATUTORY NOTICE upon the premises assessed. Such objections must be in writing and must specify the grounds upon which the objection is made.

To: Municipal Assessor,
Assessors Department,
Colombo Municipal Council,
Town Hall, Colombo 07.

02. Payment of rates in full or in four equal Installments.

  • The rates should be paid as stated in the notice on or before the dates specified therein until the settlement of the objection if any lodged by you. Otherwise you are liable for the surcharge on the issue of a warrant.
  • You will be entitled for a discount of a 10% of the annual rates payable under this section if such rates are paid on or before the thirty first day of January of that year or you will be entitled for a 5% discount in installment payments,if such rates are payed withing the first month where the installment is due.
  • You will be charged 15% on bare lands and residential properties, and 20% on other properties on the due amount as the cost of issuance of a warrant.

03. Remission of rates in respect of un-occupied buildings.

If any building, other than a building containing furniture, remains untenanted, remission of the rates payable in respect of such building could be considered for the untenanted period.

The above remission will commence on the day which the Council receives a written notice of such non-tenancy and when it is re-occupied a written notice to be given to the council within three days of such re-occupation to terminate the remission, If a notice of re-occupation is not received within the said period, remission will terminate on a date one month prior to the date of re-occupation.