Fire Services

Fire Service Department

C M C Fire Service Department
Emergency Tel. Nos. - 110 / 0112422222 -3
General Tel. No. - 011 2686087
Administration Office - 0112686406
Chief Fire Officer
Mr. P N R Fernando

M.I. Fire E (U.K)

  • T B Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 10
    Tel Nos. Gen Office : (011) 2686087 or (011) 2686406
  • Tel No Office : (011) 4 2691637 Residence : (011) 2325772
  • 110 / 011-2422222 / 011-2422223/ 011-4222222
Deputy Chief Officer (Act)
Mr. P. D. K. A. Wilson

M.I. Fire E (U.K)

Operation Division

Divisional Fire Officer (Act)Operation
Mr. R. G. Wijesuriya

(Pre.Cer .Fire E U.K.)

Station Officer (Admin)
Mr. S. M. Kumarasiri

(Pre.Cer .Fire E U.K.)

Station Officer Act. ( Operation)
Mr. A. D. Jayathissa
  • 011-2686087
Section Officer (Transport)
Mr. R. M. D. Rathnayaka
  • 011-2686087
  • 071-4397128

Fire Prevention Division

Divisional Fire Officer
Mr. H. W. Kularathna

G.I.Fire . (U.K.)

Station Officer (Fire Prevention)
Nimal Sarathchandra

(Pre.Cer.Fire E U.K.)

Mr. Athukorala

(Pre. Cer .Fire E U.K.)

Mr. S. Thilakarathna

(Pre. Cer .Fire E U.K.)

Mr. S. M. H. Tikiribanda

(Pre. Cer .Fire E U.K.)

Mr. P. D. O. R. P. Gamage

(Pre. Cer .Fire E U.K.)

Sub Station 01 - Hettiyawatta

  • Gorge R.De Silva Mawatha Colombo 13
  • 011-2430348

Sub Station 02 - Grandpass

  • Sirimavo Bandaranayake Mawatha Colombo 14
  • 011-2431353
Station Officer (Act)
I . Ganewaththa

(Pre. Cer .Fire E U.K.)

  • 011-2431353
  • 071-5346813

Training Academy (Station 03) - Wellawatta

  • Roxy Garden Wellawaththa Colombo 06
  • 011-2364040
Divisional Fire Officer (Act)
Mr. H. H. Madhusiri

G.I.Fire. (U.K.)

Station Officer
Mr. G. Galagamage

(Pre. Cer .Fire E U.K.)

Sub Station 04 - Pettah Gaspaha

  • Old Town Hall Pettah Colombo 15
  • 011-1395000
Station Officer Act. ( Operation)
Mr. A. D. Jayathissa
  • 011-2686087

Sub Station 05 - Maadiwela

  • Parliament Member Housing Complex Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte
  • 011-2778497
Station Officer (Act)
W. S. R. N. Senanayaka

(Pre. Cer .Fire E U.K.)

Fire Prevention

  • Carrying out inspections of the premises which are listed under offensive trades.
  • Stipulating fire safety requirements for proposed buildings.
  • Upgrading fire regulations.
  • Organizing fire & evacuation drills especially in high-rise buildings.

Search and Rescue

Search & Rescue Vehicle

Fire Suppression

  • Structural fire fighting. High-riser building, Factories etc.
  • Vehicles and Vessels fire fighting.
  • Tunnel fire fighting.
  • Confinement of the fire to the compartment or building of origin.
  • Ventilation.

Emergency Medical Response

Carrying a Casualty by SRU

Lowering a casualty by SRU

  • 110 Ambulance Service.
  • Dealing with trauma incidents.
  • Operates within the city limits.
  • Para-medic teams are dedicated for this service.
  • Link with the General Hospital.

Social Obligations

  • Stand-by duties.
  • Emergency water supply.
  • Pumping services
  • Humanitarian services during floods, cyclones etc.

Incident Command Vehicle

Hydrants Vehicle

Removal of Hazardous Material by Hazmat Unit

Checking for Radioactive Contamination

Fire Fighter Descending from a Height

Training Academy

Decontamination Unit

  • Headquarters - Darly Road, Maradana
  • Sub Station 01 - Hettiyawatta
  • Sub Station 02 Grandpass
  • Sub Station 03 Training Academy Wellawatta
  • Sub Station 04 Pettah Gaspaha
  • Sub Station 05 Maadiwela

Role of the Fire Service

  • Ensure life safety in any kind of disaster.
  • Prevent and /or mitigate damages due to fire and other related causes.
  • Protect the environment from adverse effects of fire, chemical and other related disasters.
  • Dealing with humanitarian issues where necessary.
  • Improve the fire safety awareness of community.