Registration of Suppliers



Applications will be received for Registration of Suppliers for year 2013 by the Municipal Commissioner, Colombo Municipal Council, up to 3.00 p.m. on 15th October 2012 from reputed Suppliers, Manufacturers and Contractors for the supply of following goods and services for the year 2013.

The relevant application forms could be collected at the following address, up to 3.00 p.m. 12th October on 2012.


All details related to the registration of Suppliers could be obtained from the Chief Procurement Manager during office hours, Telephone Nos. 2686369, 2686389 and 2673173.

The application forms could be collected on payment of non-refundable Rs.1000/- + VAT & N.B.T for the registration fee for an item which indicated as follows during office hours from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

The caption to the effect “Registration of Suppliers for the year 2013 should be indicated on the top left hand corner of the envelope containing the applications and sent to the above address.

01. Air Conditioning Equipments for Buildings
02. Air Conditioning Equipments for Motor vehicles


Aluminuim Products
04. Artificial Plants & Flower Pots (Made from Cement, Concrete, Clay, Plastic etc.)
05. Audio Visual Equipments
06. Ayurvedic Drugs and Herbs etc.
07. Bags (Office bags, Brief cases, School bags, Leather bags etc.)
08. Bamboos
09. Batteries
10. Canvas Materials etc.
11. Ceramic Products & Glassware
12. Chemical and Disinfectants & Pesticides
13. Coir Broom, Ekel Brooms, Mops Ceiling Brooms, Coir Mattresses, Mats etc.
14. Computer & Photocopy Accessories (including Toner Ribbon etc.)
15. Computer, Printer & UPS and Networking
16. Concrete Posts, Pre-Cast Concrete Curbs, Cylindrical Pipes Half Rounds & Drain Pipes, Concrete curbs, Interlocking blocks etc.
17. Curtain Cloth Rexine Curtain, Railing, Hooks, Fittings etc.
18. Synthetic and Rattan Cane
19. Electrical & Electronic Appliances ( Refrigerators, T.V. Electric kettles, Fans, Water Boilers etc.)
20. Electrical Items
21. Fertilizer & Chemicals
22. Fiberglass Materials
23. Fire Extinguishers & Other Safety Equipment
24. Flags, Corner Flags, Bunting etc.
25. Garden Benches and Water ponds
26. Gully covers, Manhole covers
27. Hardware Items, GI Pipes, Split Cane, Cotton Waste & GSW Pipes etc.
28. Insecticide, Weedicide and Pesticide etc.
29. Items related to wood Polish, Varnish etc.
30. Laboratory Chemicals
31. Laboratory Equipment
32. Landscaping Materials, Grass Sods & Coir Dust
33. Machinery & Equipments
34. Medical Equipments
35. Metal Sand and Bricks
36. Mobile Phones
37. Motor and Auto spare parts.
38. Office Equipment including Typewriters, Roneo Machine, Photocopiers, Calculators, Adding machines etc.)
39. P.V.C. Cables
40. P.V.C. Corted Mesh, Wire Mesh and Other Mesh Items.
41. P.V.C. Pipes and Fittings etc.
42. Paints
43. Plants & Tree
44. Plastic Materials
45. Plywood Sheet, Plywood Doors & Paint Brushes
46. Printed forms & Computer Stationery
47. Printing Ink, Printing Paper, Mono Metal & Other Material Required for the Printing Press
48. Rain Coats, Gum Boots, Badges Epaulets etc.
49. RCC Poles and Cable Tiles (LT & HT)
50. Ready Mix concrete
51. Sanitary ware
52. Slaked Lime Boiled Lime & Yellow and Other etc.
53. Sports materials
54. Stationery
55. Steel & Wooden office Furniture
56. Survey and Drawing Office Materials
57. Timber
58. Trophies ( Souvenirs, Plaques, Medals, Badges etc)
59. Tyres and Tubes
60. Uniform Materials & Foot Wares
61. Western Drugs
01. Aluminum Extrusion Fitting Works
02. Auto Tinkering & Painting


Binding of Library Books
04. Building Maintains.
05. Cleaning Services and Janitorial Services
06. Clearing and Transporting of imported goods from Harbour & Airport
07. Clutch/Brake Relining and bonding
08. Computer & Electronic Equipments repairs & Services
09. Construction of Electricity Line (Street lighting)
10. Crank Shaft Graining
11. Curtaining in Office Building
12. Digital Printing (Posters, Banners etc.)
13. Door Winding Mechanism repairs
14. Electrical Repairs.
15. Electricity services (Generators for hired etc.)
16. Engine overhauling, Crank Grinding, Head Facing Reboring etc,
17. Events Management
18. Fabricating & Repairing Hydraulic Hoses & Cables
19. Fabricating of Number plates,
20. Fabricating, Paints and installation of steel trusses,
21. Name Board, Banners, Painting & Sign Righters.
22. Painting Work of Equipments, Office building, Railings and other steel Fabrication.
23. Polishing of Furniture
24. Purchase & Removal of used Spare Parts & Electrical Components.
25. Purchase & Removal of used Tyres
26. Ratterning works
27. Rebuilding Tyres and Tubes
28. Repair and fixing of collapsible doors
29. Repair work (fabrication) of tractor trailers
30. Repairing of Air Condition Machines
31. Repairing of Electric Fans
32. Repairing of Electric Generators
33. Repairing of Electric Water Pump and Motors
34. Repairing of Radiator
35. Repairing of Refrigerators
36. Repairing of Wheel Alignment
37. Repairs to Cylinders, and Injector Pumps, etc
38. Repairs to Typewriters, Calculators Duplicating and Adding Machine.
39. Rubber Molding and fiberglass Molding
40. Sand casting Works
41. Sewing and Mounting loose covers to Vehicles
42. Starter motor, alternator rewinding & repairing
43. Tailoring
44. Transporting of Cement
45. Upholstery Work (Vehicle etc.)
46. Valve refilling
47. Vehicle Air Conditioning
48. Vehicle and equipments repairs (Approved garages)
49. Vehicle Body Parts (Fiberglass) repairs
50. Washing and ironing of Cloth.

Conditions pertaining to the registration and suppliers

  1. Conditions pertaining to the registration and suppliers

  2. Application should be included only relevant to the goods or services which can be supplied according to the nature of the business as mentioned under the Business Registration Certificate.

  3. Quotations will be invited from the selected, registered suppliers. At the same time the Council reserves the right to accept quotations from the other Suppliers under the existing circumstances.

  4. The Suppliers who fail to submit quotation when they are duly informed of the necessity or the suppliers who fail to supply and deliver of the stipulated time after order is made and those whose Supplies are not in compliance with relevant specification and sample will be blacklisted.

  5. Those who require payments for the materials in advance will not be registered. The Council should be granted credit facilities at least for a period of 60 days.

The contravention of the conditions after the registration will result in the relevant Suppliers name being written off the registration list.